In addition to the typical logistic services such as Clearance, Shuttling, Warehousing, Transportation, Value Added Services etc., Tamer Logistics actively work with their Customers in:

  • implementing and adapting their Procedures and Standards;
  • providing alternative solutions to drive efficiency and improve performance;
  • living and breathing Clients’ business KPIs and do what it takes to achieve those KPIs;

For this reason, our Clients have always considered Tamer Logistics as their extended logistics operational arm rather than a normal Outsourced Service Provider.

Tamer Logistics is committed to provide its Customers a full leverage of the capabilities of 3PL in order to ensure a robust logistics infrastructure, improved productivity, and realize cost savings with a sustainable business model.

Tamer Logistics strives to add value to the Customers’ business with their flexibility, quick adaptation to Customers’ needs with improved cost management and provide a potential pathway to more innovative business models

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Public Sector
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High Tech
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