In 2010 Saudi Arabia joined a World Trade Organization (WTO) agreement allowing multi-national companies to establish their local trading presence, with majority foreign control, and thereby created demand for logistic service providers meeting international quality standards. The connectivity and communication requirements of leading supply chains have fostered the emergence of a more advanced role for Third Party Logistics providers (3PLs) in the region.

To meet such needs, in 2011, the Tamer Group established ‘Mohammed Said Tamer Logistic Services Co. Ltd.’ (Tamer Logistics), its fully-fledged Logistics Service Provider Company, capable of offering specialized logistic services and guided by a clear vision of becoming the integrated Strategic Logistic Service Provider of choice for multi-national and government organizations in the region.

Today, Tamer Logistics is one of the top FMCG, Healthcare and Cosmetics Third Party Logistic Service Providers in the Kingdom, offering the full range of logistic services under one roof with full transparency to its customers and compliance with local and international regulations.